We tested the Betway app UK and here are our impressions

Betway is aware that everyday more people want to make use of all their services and applications from their mobile devices. For that reason, they know that developing a good software for said gadgets is essential for being successful as a company.

We tried the Beway mobile software and we would like to share our opinions of it. We hope that this Betway app review can help the reader to decide whether to install or not the software on his or her mobile device.

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The first impression after making a Betway app download

The functionality of certain mobile apps, especially the ones created by sportbooks, can be judged as good or bad depending on how well they reproduce the adventure available from their desktop website for PC.

The Betway sports app not only fulfills, but it also excels in this purpose, this is because all services and markets that can be found in the main webpage of the bookmaker can be used here as well.

But of course there are more aspects to be considered when reviewing the Betway apk. Another important aspect is how the software is optimized for being used through a touchscreen interface.

This is especially important in this type of applications, as nobody wants to make accidental bets by touching the wrong part of the display. In this regard the Betway app UK makes sure that this doesn’t happen. The layout is clean and not difficult to follow, and the buttons are large enough so that tapping the wrong place is almost impossible.

A little downside is that the very first screen that can be seen after opening the application could be slightly tweaked. Specifically, sometimes there could be small difficulties when navigating through the overwhelming amount of sports events. This may be fixed by putting the search button more prominently in the main screen. However, this is not something hard to get used to.

For closing this section, it is possible to say that the my account area of the Betway apk is very clear and simple to use. All the important features and settings were easily accessible, such as the preferred currency and language, the password change menu, and even the customer support could be used with a few taps and in a few seconds.

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Betting and playing from the Betway app

The casino app and the sports software can be well rated when counting how many steps or taps, and how much time is needed to achieve a certain action. In this case, the actions being considered are playing and betting respectively.

In average no more than 5 taps are needed to place a wager or to open a certain game. This is a good number, as a larger amount would mean that the application may become to difficult and laborious to understand, follow and use.

If using the Betway sports app for gambling in one of the more than 30 available sports, the user should know that immediately after opening the software the main screen will display the most important live events taking place. If the player wants to wager there, it is necessary only to tap over the event and choose the preferred option. The live streamings and real time data features can be accessed from here as well.

If the Betway member wants to make mobile sport bets on a different event instead, then it is necessary to drag open the lateral menu from the right, or roll the list with all the sports from the main screen. After choosing the preferred discipline, the list of available matches will be shown. If quicker navigation is needed, the search feature can be opened from the lateral menu. However, as previously said, it would be appreciated if said aspect would be placed in a more prominent place.

Regarding the casino area, it is possible to access it through the header of the main screen of its corresponding Betway apk. After accessing it the player will notice that navigating on it is really easy. The list of games is displayed in a prominent way, and also the search feature can be used if the desired entertainment is not immediately shown.

Bonus codes and Betway promotion are another key aspect when using any of the services offered by the bookmaker. Their availability, scope and amount will be treated separately. However, for now it is possible to say that the process to claim them through the software could be streamlined a bit.

Specifically, when a button to claim a special offer appeared on the screen, it redirected us to the mobile browser when tapping over it. This could be a potential issue when installing the software in a lower end device, as changing between different applications is a process that can easily slow down the gadget.

In general the Betway app permits gambling and playing in a very simple manner. The navigation could be improved slightly, especially in the sports area, but there were no significantly complicated issues. Only a few small tweaks are necessary to improve the overall experience even more. The only aspect that is not small but not severe either is the aforementioned inability to claim bonuses and offers directly from the application.

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How to grab the Betway mobile app, and what devices support it

In Android and iOS the apk can be downloaded for free. For the moment no version for Windows mobile gadgets exist, and considering the small market share of this operating system, it is unlikely that an exclusive version will be developed at some point.

However, users of mobile devices operating under systems different to the Google and Apple ones do not need to worry, as the Betway mobile website was created exactly for this type of situations. It contains the exact same features that have already been mentioned for the mobile application.

However, it is recommended to grab the software whenever possible, as some mobile browsers may not load the webpage correctly in rare cases. This is not an issue with Betway itself, it’s an issue that appears as a consequence of the interaction between the features of the mobile website, and the capabilities of the browser.

Going specifically into Android territory. It is essential to mention that the software can not be obtained from the Play Store directly. This is not because of a Betway problem, it is because Google has a policy that bans sports betting and casino applications that involve transactions with real money from its official store.

However this is not a big deal, as the process to set up the software in these devices is still very easy. People from the UK who want the Android app installed in their device need to execute the following simple steps:

  1. Visit the Betway webpage from a mobile internet browser
  2. Go to the footer of the page. The page for downloading the software will be there
  3. When this section opens, download Betway mobile app
  4. Open the apk file and follow the instructions on screen
  5. The application should be ready for its use

In case the installation doesn’t work, the most likely reason has to do with the security settings of the device, as most gadgets prevent by default the installation of software that doesn’t come from official sources. Here we will explain how to change that option

If this application configuration is not found automatically during the installation process. Then it is necessary to visit the security menu of the tablet or phone. Over there the security menu will be one of the sections that will appear. Open it, and turn on the unknown sources option. This will allow the installation of any apk file.

Users of iPad or iPhone who want to install the Betway application can do it directly from the AppStore. When opening it, simply type Betway in the search bar and the software should appear and be able to be installed immediately. This has the advantage that the process of downloading the latest version through an update is done automatically.

Regarding the system requirements. This application is not demanding and can work properly in low and mid end devices. In the case of Android, most devices operating under the version 4.1 or more recent of the system should be capable of executing it. The following table summarizes these requirements.

Operating systemiOSAndroid
Minimum version8.14.1
Some supported devicesiPad in its standard, Mini and Pro versions. iPhone 5 and newerSamsung Galaxy S5 or newer, in their standard and Plus versions. Note 3 and newer. Tab 2 and Newer

Huawei from P10 in its standard, Lite and Pro versions

LG G4 and Newer. V series

Additional remarksAndroid 4.0 may be supported but without the live streamings

The list of devices shown here is only partial. In general it should be possible to Betway app download and install in any gadget with Android 4.1 or newer with enough storage space. Obviously, if a person has a newer version of any of the phone or tablet families mentioned here, he or she should know that it will handle the software just fine.

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Payment methods usable through the Betway app and closing remarks

Members who Betway app download can enjoy a wide array of payment methods for both withdrawing and depositing operations. Some of them include credit cards, debit cards or bank transfers from the most widely used banking institutions.

Not only that, because as the popularity of digital wallet providers grows every day, many of them are supported in this bookmaker. They include services such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, Entropay among others.

In conclusion, Betway Android app and iOS greatly fulfill their primary role, which is to transport all the experience available from the website into tablets and mobile phones. The software is not demanding, and for that reason, it is not necessary to have a top of the line gadget to enjoy the services.

If for whatever reason a device is not capable of running the applications, the mobile website is always available as a backup option. There are a few small drawbacks concerning the navigation in the main screen and the process to claim offers and promo codes. However, they do not compromise the overall functionality of the Betway app.

Nowadays people require all their services to be available from their phones for being used anywhere and at anytime. Bookmakers know that it is vital for them to also participate in this trend towards portable services. Considering this aspect, it is possible to say that Betway clearly understands this.Bonus for registration

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